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Mary Pat Ettinger Studio

My apologies for the quick sales of my work.... I sometimes barely get things listed and they sell.  I try to get them marked 'SOLD' as quickly as possible.  Keep checking here for my latest works, and if you are interested in commission work, contact me. 

"Back Street Blues"

"Back Street Blues"  8x10 framed  acrylic on canvas   $285

"Loleta Evening"

"Loleta Evening"  8x10 framed acrylic on canvas  $285

"On the Edge"

"On The Edge"  8x10 acrylic on canvas  framed $285   SOLD

"It's Summer Somewhere"

Tiny 4x6 in wide gold plein air frame.  SOLD

"DALLAS DIVIDE VIEW"  24"x36" Framed  $1,250

COMMISSIONS Gladly Accepted
COMMISSIONS Gladly Accepted

"Last of the Apricots"  16x20  Acrylic on Canvas.... commissioned by the daughter of a bee farmer who grew up on the Western slope of Colorado. COMMISSIONS Happily Accepted.  Many of my paintings are commissioned.  My terms for commissions are no payment until completed and that if the client is not totally pleased, they are under no obligaton to purchase the completed painting.  It is always a pleasure to paint and know that I have completed something that will bring pleasure to the viewer. 

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Mary Pat Ettinger Studio | Landscape Paintings, Handwoven Scarves

Mary Pat Ettinger lives in Colorado where she finds abundant inspiration for her landscape painting, writing and weaving. She and her husband of 45 years have sometimes faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, as so many of us have. They have found that the Great Provider has continually blessed them with solace and renewed hope as they experience the beauty and variety of the natural world around them.

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